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Carlos Castillo Leadership


Carlos Castillo Leadership

Spreading a Man´s Brand and Leadership Workshop Leads & Awareness throughout Latin America

Carlos Castillo Leadership is a management consulting company that works with CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and executives to transform their leadership to achieve exceptional results in their organization.

Average of


montly website leads

Average of


montly social media leads

3 to 5%

CTR achieved for his leadership workshops


From naming creation & creative concept for each workshop, to each digital advertising optimization, we were able to increase both website and social media leads, as well of an increase of brand awareness in Guatemala City, Mexico City & Santiago de Chile. 


After developing his branding, we created an initial Branding Digital Strategy to create the Brand Awareness he needed, focusing on Carlos experience and knowledge. After six months of achieving first phase results, another strategy was created: time to expand the brand throught Latin America with his two major leadership workshops – De Jefe A Líder and Empowoman (a brand new leadership workshop for women leaders).