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Mister Menu (now Mr. Menu) has no longer a mustache! Why?

This is a foodie brand that shows and awares the gastronomic trends arising in Guatemala, it's important to mention Mr. Menú was the pioneer that started developing the foodie culture in the region by recommending his readers in a transparent and honest way to choose a place to delight their taste.

They started as an app for iOS and Android and transitioned to the editorial and social media sectors. Eventually Mr. Menú became the strongest gastronomic magazine in Guatemala.

Taking his history and values as pilars, we redesiged and modernized the logo reflecting important aspects of his DNA such as authenticity, charisma and adventurous spirit, especially evoke his knowledge and criteria in gastronomy.

Due to his high-market brand awareness, we kept the circular shape and the red color; however, we changed the italic typography to a grotesque one to reflect his credibility, transformation and transition towards the digital and technological sector, consolidating graphically the editorial world with the digital one