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LubeN’ Save


Lube N Save

Is an automotive workshop who offers a manteinance services at the same level of car agencies. Their founders have years of expeciece and use high quality suppies to provide a fast service that fits the needs of each client.

The concept revolves around saving money and time: Save it now, get it yesterday!

The brand's pilars are:
- Personalization: The workshop has a waiting room with special amenities so that customers can feel just at home.
- Speed and agility: The car will be ready in 30 to 50 minutes once it enters the workshop.
- Savings and quality: Major and minor services at low cost with the best products to guarantee their quality.

Because of this, we seek to create a graphic system that evokes credibility, professionalism as well as dynamism offered by the brand's services. The logo is built with condensed typography to allude innovation. The thunderbolt reinforces the message of speed and agility. The selection in the color palette like yellow was used to evoke the action; the black, professionalism and leadership, and finally the white, the transparency and honesty of the company brings to his clients.