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Ikura is a sushi restaurant and sake bar located in an exclusive food market in Avia, Guatemala City. Through this branding process we identified that most asian restaurants have lots of black, red and gold in their visual communication, so we took a different path. We relied on the spirituality of the different religions of the region where their beautiful temples harmonize with the mistical and exotic landscapes.

The umami's mysticism and synergy was the inspiration for the brand's concept, because it's something evolving, speechless, powerful and fantastic for all senses. It's the "fifth flavour" all chefs are looking for.

With all this in mind, we are proud to show you why we designed a sunrise symbol for Ikura, because it brightens the senses and represents the mentioned synergy, just like the umami's sensation. It's something that can't be explained and happens because of the succession of diferent events.

Each of the logos we made interact with each other to represent and consolidate the brand's communication and concept.
Each logo interacts with each other to represent and consolidate the brand's communication.